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WebPainter 3 is the premiere tool for creating professional web animation and graphics with ease.

WebPainter's ease-of-use and unique cel animation process creates the smallest, high-quality GIF animation, QuickTime(tm) movies, JPEGs and GIF files in the fewest possible steps.

By combining bitmap and vector graphic tools, sophisticated image layering features, SMPTE special effects, transitions, image filters, and powerful export and optimization features, WebPainter allows you to quickly create professional animation and graphics for your corporate or personal Web site. ?

In WebPainter 3 you can:

Produce high impact animations and banners in seconds using auto-transitions and SMPTE special effects.
Create incredible graphics with QuickTime filter support; blur, emboss, sharpen, and more.
Build art with our rich set of vector and bitmap tools in a very robust editing environment.
Combine vector and bitmap images using sophisticated image layers.
Use the Vector Image Library for fast editing and storage of vector objects.
Preview and export the smallest possible, highly optimized Web ready content for any Web site.
Enhance your site with any of our 1,000 professionally designed royalty-free GIF animations.
Expand your horizons with complete Photoshop plug-in support (Mac Only).

Key Features:

Work seamlessly with popular web design and publishing tools, ideal for the office, home, classroom or professional studio.
Tight integration with popular Web Authoring Tools.
Creates, produces, and optimizes bitmapped and vector animation and graphics in a single tool.
Powerful onion-skinning features modeling traditional cel animation.
Produces the most compact GIF animation and graphics in the fewest steps.
Imports/Exports popular file formats such as Animated GIF, GIF, JPEG, Photoshop(tm), PICT, PNG, QuickTime movie.
Includes a concise PDF manual and tutorials.
Easy to use Color Transparency.
Change and manipulate frame delay for multiple cels.
Optimizes your files using Web standard compression.
Produces the most compact animations in the fewest steps.
GiffyView utility to preview GIF files at different data rates.
GiffyView utility to preview GIF files at various modem data rates.



Product Information | Showcase