QSSP Component v2.0

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You may have been directed to this page because you need to install the QSSP Component in order to run a movie....

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Once you have downloaded the component, simply run the installer and you will then be able to view movies that utilize this powerful and versatile component. Should you have any questions, please feel free to view our support resources by clicking here, or simply contact us at info@totallyhip.com.

QSSP Component 2.1 for Mac OS X

QSSP Component 2.0 for Windows

"Totally Hip's Audio Visualizations component allows you to visualize audio in the form of a spectrogram, waveform, or spectrum analyzer.

The Audio Visualizations components were developed by Totally Hip Technologies Inc. for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Macaulay Library & Bioacoustics Research Program.

You can author using this component with LiveStage Professional -- Totally Hip's award winning QuickTime authoring package."