Business Professional

Totally Hip is motivated by the belief that great businesses are built through great experience. Brand-name business users, educators, developers, and designers use Totally Hip's multi-media tools and professional services to create and deliver effective, compelling sensory experiences. 

Totally Hip products redefine the consumer experience, enhance communications and training for enterprises, and extend digital media applications to more effectively serve employees, customers, investors and other key stakeholder constituencies.

You can find out more about LiveStage Pro, the leading QuickTime authoring tool, right here on our website.

Technology Professional

Totally Hip offers seamless integration and a common user interface across all tools to streamline application workflow, enhancing productivity, lowering development cost increasing ease-of-use and time to market.

LiveStage Professional is the latest version of Totally Hip’s leading tool for integrating over 200 types of media making it faster, easier and cheaper to design and develop rich, interactive QuickTime movies.

Problems Authorizing LiveStage?

If you are having problems authorizing your full version of LiveStage Pro for Macintosh or Windows, please do the following:

Download and install the LiveStage Pro 4.6.6 (06/06/06) updater.

Download the LiveStage 4.5 for Windows License Response file.